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The Sweet Water Family is proud to engage in a number of fruitful partnerships with a variety of organizations and individuals and we are always looking for creative ways to grow the movement. If you or your organization has an interest in partnering with Sweet Water to create a unique initiative, please take some time to fill out the following questionnaire. For general information and tour requests, please contact us.

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About Your Organization

Name of organizationWebsiteOrg. Type

Please describe your organization. If you have a mission statement, please include this.

About The Partnership

What current and past partnerships are you and have you been involved in. Please describe them briefly.

Will this partnership involve:

If this partnership will involve a group or groups, what is the demographic – age ranges, ethnic background, etc.

Are there any special needs in this group?

Please provide the basic description of proposed partnership. If it is proposed that a system - greenhouse, raised bed, aquaponics, etc. - is constructed at your site, please describe how it will be maintained and who will be responsible for maintenance. If this is a school, please include notes on maintenece during periods of closure, ie. Winter/spring/summer breaks.

Is there is an idea about frequency of contact with sweet water staff?

If the proposed partnership involves your facility, please describe the existing infrastucture, ie, number of staff, hours of operation, how much available outside/inside space, garden space, kitchen, etc.

Does your organization have any existing budget for this initiative?

Is there a prospective timeline that you have in mind for this partnership?

What do you hope to gain through this partnership/what are your end goals?

We propose beginning all partnerships with a general introductory tour of the sweet water facilities for all pertinent parties. Tours take place from 6pm-7:30pm on Fridays and from noon-1:30pm on sundays. Outside of these times, with sufficient notice, we can accommodate private tours. When would your representatives be able to attend?

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