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Sweet Water perch is on the menu for President Obama’s Dinner at mk Restaurant on April 14th!

mk The Restaurant Serving Sustainable and Locally Produced Food and Wine for President Obama's Dinner Thursday, April 14th. Sweet Water Perch is on the menu!
mk The Restaurant’s Chefs Michael Kornick and Erick Williams will be preparing a spectacular dinner featuring only sustainably produced food and wine from America for President Obama’s fundraising dinner on Thursday, April 14th. Highlights from the menu will feature perch from Sweet Water, steak from Bill Kurtis’ Tall Grass Beef Company, as well as Qupe and Au Bon Climat wines.

Starting off the night will be a hors d’oeurves of perch served with Fish Bar tartar sauce. This isn’t your typical perch. The fish have been commercially raised by Sweet Water through an innovative aquaponic system of agriculture, which is a simultaneous cultivation of plants and fish. Through their aquaponic agriculture, Sweet Water is helping address global warming and food insecurity in the 21st Century while providing people with locally grown fish.

Guests will also enjoy Tallgrass beef tartare. Tallgrass Beef Company is one of America’s leaders in grass-fed beef, which produces healthier meat that is higher in Omega-3s and vitamins. The cattle are never raised in feedlots or are given hormones. Instead they are raised naturally in pastures, which results in better tasting meat which is also better for the environment.

The elegant hors d’oeurves of perch, beef and lobster will be paired with a 2009 Qupe Cuve Chardonnay. Qupe Vineyards is based in California’s Central Coast and employs traditional winemaking practices and they are committed to sourcing the best grapes.  In 2010, Food & Wine Magazine named Qupe one of the World’s 50 Most Influential Winemakers.

The evening will progress to an exceptional dinner of Maine salmon and seared Maine scallops with short ribs that will be paired with a 2007 Au Bon Climat pinot noir. Au Bon Climat is located on the world-famous Bien Nacido winery in California’s Santa Barbara County and sources the best fruit the Central Coast has to offer. Food & Wine Magazine named Jim Cleneden "Winemaker of the Year" in 2001, and in 2007, Jim was inducted into the James Beard Foundation’s Who’s Who of Food and Beverage in America. Au Bon Climat’s wines continue to earn international praise.

Serving sustainable, local and environmentally conscious food and wine is at the core of chefs Michael Kornick and Erick Williams’ culinary philosophy, and President Obama’s dinner is no exception.

Sweet Water recently opened a retail store. We are filling our store with great Sweet Water products and merchandise, as well as other goods from some of our valuable partners. The Store is currently open Wednesdays and Fridays from 4pm to 7pm. Tours are available every Wednesday and Friday at 6pm and Sundays at noon. You can also purchase Sweet Water perch from
Empire Fish. Sweet Water is located at 2151 S. Robinson Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53207.

This entry was posted on April 13 2011