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Sweet Water, India & WEDC Meeting

Another great step in our continued relationship with India.  This past week we had a meeting with numerous esteemed individuals:

Ms. Karuna Gopal (Vanakuru), Foundation for Futuristic Cities,,, Mr. Pranab Dasgupta, Confederation of Indian Industry – Triveni Water Institute,, Mr. Irfan Yasin, Jammu & Kashmir Lakes and Waterways Development Authority, Mr. Vijay Kumar Garg, RUIFDCO - Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation, Mr. Sanjay Bhat, Voltas Ltd.,, Dr. Sunny George, Mahattil Advisors Consultants and Educators, LLP, Mr. Shajan John, Mahattil International LLC, Lora Klenke, WEDC, Stanley Pfrang, WEDC

We would also like to thank our Water Council, Milwaukee Bio Culture Industry, City and Civil Society partners, along with the Sweet Water staff and supporters who made this important moment possible.

This Water Focused Trade Delegation from India will be a critical moment in Milwaukee's evolution as a 21st Century "organic and global city," advancing earth friendly bio-culture industry innovations that will create good careers for citizens in Milwaukee and India, promote sustainable development, and advance mighty collaborations across civilizations, cultures, and national boundaries.  We are creating technological innovations that will help heal the planet and enhance the health of our citizens.

The Sweet Water Foundation and Sweet Water Organics have many resources to share to accelerate the diffusion of what might became humanity's most prolific and earth friendly method of food production--ever! *3 years ago the Sweet Water Organics partners began to manifest visions of commercializing, democratizing, and globalizing aquaponics and other bio-culture innovations.  *2 years ago the Sweet Water Foundation was founded to harvest the information and the resource networks of SWO,  to acceleratge the education piece for the democratzing/globalizing ambition, hypothesizing that an aquaponics skilled and knowledge equiped work force and an educated population were necessary conditions for the commercial ambitions. *A year and a few months ago the State Deparment organized a Sweet Water visit to several Indian cities, right after IBM identified aquaponics in Milwaukee as a key innovation for a new world, followed by the Harvard Business School identifying the Milwaukee Sweet Water partnership as an innovation key to America's renewal. *A few months ago Shajan John , with Chaya Nayak of the SWF Board, with the help of Stanley Pfrang of WEDC, Maj Fischer of the UW Madison International Interns Program, built upon the work of Emmanuel Pratt, Jesse Blom, Jill Frey, and Matt Ray with a USDA/MTEC project for teacher training, to help set up an Aquaponics Demonstration center at St. Albert's College in Cochi, India.  Around the same time the MacArthur Foundation awarded the Badge Based Digital Training grant, while this season we are rolling out, with MPS and Growing Power, a aquaponics teacher training cohort.

Let's build upon India's organic farming traditions and understandings, information revolution resources, e.g. eChoupal, the powerful and subtle marriage of spiritual with scientific wisdom

Let's advance what Shajan John calls "eco change" experimental projects in urban agriculture and aquaponics, student/mindful eco change tourism projects, and other areas where Milwaukee's fresh water and other industries are complimentary with India's human and culture blessings.

This entry was posted on September 14 2012