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Our sprouts are really good, and really good for you!

Sprouts are considered as wonder foods. They rank as the freshest and most nutritious of all vegetables available to the human diet. By a process of natural transmutation, sprouted food acquires vastly improved digestibility and nutritional qualities when compared to non-sprouted embryo from which it derives.

Sprout nutrition facts
Broccoli sprouts: Broccoli sprouts have a mildly peppery flavor They are also high in the cancer fighting compound, sulforaphane.
Uses: Excellent juiced or in salads

Radish sprouts: Radish sprouts have 29 times more vitamin C than milk and 4 times the vitamin A. These spicy spouts have 10 times more calcium than a potato and contain more vitamin C than a pineapple.
Uses: Too delicate for cooking, radish sprouts are generally used to spice up salads or sandwiches.

Sunflower sprouts:  Sunflower sprouts are a rich source of lecithin and vitamin D. The sunflower sprout is known for its crispness and nutty flavor. It breaks down fatty acids into an easily digestible, water soluble form.
Uses: A delicious addition to salads. They can also be juiced and used in green drinks.

Pea Shoots: Pea Shoots are a nutritious leaf with high levels of vitamin C and vitamin A.

*  Add to tossed salads
* Use in coleslaw (cabbage, clover, radish)
* Try in wraps and roll-ups (alfalfa, sunflower, radish)
* Stir-fry with other vegetables (alfalfa, clover, radish, mung bean, lentil)
* Replace celery in sandwich spreads (lentil, radish)
* Mix with soft cheeses for a dip (mung bean, radish)
* Grind up and use in sandwich spreads (lentil, radish)
* Eat them fresh and uncooked in a sprout salad (salad mixes)
* Top omelet or scrambled eggs (alfalfa, clover, radish)
* Add to sushi (radish, sunflower)
* Saute with onions (mung bean, clover, radish)
* Puree with peas or beans (mung bean, lentil)
* Add to baked beans (lentil)
* Steam and serve with butter (mung bean, lentil)
* Use in sandwiches instead of lettuce (alfalfa, clover, radish)

This entry was posted on July 12 2011