Sweet Water Foundation

Status: Non-Profit 501(c)(3)
The Sweet Water Foundation develops intergenerational and interdisciplinary educational programming for sustainability with a focus on the potential of urban agriculture and aquaculture in the 21st century setting.

Centered upon the fundamental concept of turning wastes into a community resource, we address such topics as community and economic development, health/wellness concerns, the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), and environmental awareness and stewardship concerning local and global themes of food, soil, water, and energy. Our multi-faceted approach opens up discussions on the future of cities by allowing the student to think critically about the environment he or she has inherited.

The programming developed by the Sweet Water Foundation stresses both the historical, technological, scientific, artistic, and cultural components behind the multi-faceted approach towards urban agriculture as the backbone of their project-based learning process. Students who participate in this programming walk away with a skill-set that will prepare them well for both their academic and job futures (particularly as we move toward a more “green-collar” economy).

We prepare students to have an active stake in these processes, in a way that will allow for moments of better cultural understanding within the city, and even moments of real cultural exchange. To better create such moments of conversation, our programming reinforces an inter-generational and interdisciplinary participation as a means to engage a wide intersection of communities across the city.

Sweet Water Foundation bases its educational programming on the grounds of Sweet Water’s new innovative educational facility. This interactive facility, located in the heart of Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood, provides the environment necessary for hands-on learning. Underscoring this space is a pedagogy that stresses the relationship between inspiration, education, action, and innovation. 

It is the goal of Sweet Water Foundation that such a space provides the knowledge and tools necessary for transformative change, along with an environment that fosters collaboration among those working towards similar goals. visit our website