"Sweet Water has converted a former crane factory in Milwaukee into an indoor wetland, raising about 80,000 fish in tanks topped by beds of lettuce and other crops."
The Wall Street Journal

Our Mission

Sweet Water is an urban fish and vegetable farm. Our goal is to provide fresh, safe food for our local communities while maintaining reasonable prices and respecting our environment.

In 2008, Sweet Water began the transformation of an abandoned industrial building into a showcase of potential living technologies and urban agriculture. We strive to become a resource for job creation and use of urban settings.

Sweet Water's sustainable aquaponics system was inspired by Will Allen’s (MacArthur Genius Award Winner and Founder of Growing Power) three-tiered, bio-intensive, simulated wetland. In the re-circulating systems, the fish waste acts as natural fertilizer for plant growth and the plants act as a water filter. Our current vegetation includes various lettuce and basil, watercress, tomatoes, peppers, chard, and spinach. Our fish are tilapia and perch. As Sweet Water grows we look to our communities and restaurants to determine what comes next.