We are bringing tasty and healthy perch back to Milwaukee

Photo by: Jeff Redmon


We are selling fish, produce, merch, and much more.

Photo by: Jeff Redmon


A symbiotic union of aquaculture for raising aquatic animals and hydroponics for growing plants.

Photo by: Jeff Redmon


Raising fish and vegetables in a former factory building in Milwaukee, WI

Photo by: Richard Beauchamp


From an empty factory building into a beautifully vibrant urban farm

Photo by: Jeff Redmon


Using art to inspire others to join the urban farming movement.

Design by: Lindsay Peters, Painting & Photo by: Jeff Redmon

Sweet Water Foundation (SWF), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, started at the beginning of 2010 to provide intergenerational, interdisciplinary educational programs in urban agriculture and aquaponics.  During its first two years of existence, SWF was incubated by Sweet Water Organics (SWO), a for-profit company dedicated to the commercialization of urban agriculture.  SWF managed volunteer operations and hosted training and education programs at the Sweet Water urban farm, while developing programs on a  local (Milwaukee and Chicago), regional, national, and international scale.  SWO is now closing business due to inadequate finances, and SWF has taken over as the primary operator of the Sweet Water urban farm.  SWF's business model utilizes multiple revenue streams, including program fees and contracts, grants, and individual and corporate contributions.
SWF is very active in Milwaukee and Chicago, leveraging countless partnerships to deliver programs, such as:
The Seed to Table Project
Partnering with locals schools to raise plants for food, from seed to table, and integrate the learning into classroom curriculum.
The MYCELIA Project
Connecting schools, colleges and universities, local businesses, and neighborhoods to form resilient communities through urban agriculture.
Sweet Water AQUAPONS
An online, mentorship-based resource to engage lifelong learners in aquaponics, utilizing digital badges as a tool for certification.
The Organic Therapy Project
Partnering with the National Association of Black Veterans and the Center for Veterans Issues to grow food as a tool for enhancing mental, physical, social and emotional health.
The Washington Park Neighborhood Renewal Project
Partnering with ACTS Housing to incorporate indoor and outdoor gardens into the restoration of foreclosed homes in the Washington Park neighborhood of Milwaukee.
For more about Sweet Water Foundation, please visit us at www.sweetwaterfoundation.com, or contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)